Portfolio Management

You have a significant portfolio and wish to preserve it.
But you also want your savings and investments to grow.
This requires a careful balancing act predicated on several factors

A reassuring philosophy

What we seek for you is long-term capital growth while minimizing your portfolio’s exposure to risk and volatility. Above all, you can count on expert, experienced and independent portfolio management.

The result? Complete portfolio diversification: by sector, asset class, country, region and investment style. Plus portfolio rebalancing, as per the investment policy statement, to ensure your strategy remains optimal over time.

Financial planning

Detailed solutions

  • Individual holdings
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Tax-efficient solutions
  • Transparent fees, which are often deductible
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustments
  • A team of experts
  • Personalized service
  • A comprehensive, integrated offering
  • A broad perspective
  • A full range of wealth management services
  • Peace of mind
  • Competitive management fee pricing
  • Tailored solutions

Your portfolio

Our management style is primarily geared toward individual holdings. We will, however, also use exchange-traded funds (EFTs) when needed, in order to facilitate the integration of certain asset classes that are less accessible yet equally essential.

Basically, it is about building a portfolio tailored to you, where everything is clearly specified in an Investment Policy Statement drafted once we’ve examined your investment objectives in detail, determined your time horizon, and ascertained your risk profile. When we say “Your portfolio,” we are talking about a structure that literally reflects you. Your goals and needs are the foundations upon which we build your portfolio and determine how we manage it.

Strategic and tactical management

Your portfolio will be largely based on strategic considerations focused on the long-term performance and risk characteristics of the various asset classes. But we might occasionally engage in short-term, tactical deviations. Tactical deviations involve making small adjustments to a portfolio’s composition by overweighting asset classes that are likely to generate better returns in the near future and underweighting others.

Currency management

We specialize in active currency management that strives for alpha returns, while using hedging strategies to reduce your risk.

The management of your portfolio is part of a broader process that takes your overall financial wealth into account. Because our approach is predicated on the notion that each aspect of your wealth deserves our full attention, it stands to reason that the solutions we propose should be no less unique. Everything becomes possible with the Duval Group.