Business Transfers

Accessibility, flexibility, confidentiality: Proper planning will not only contribute to the continued success of your business, but also help you achieve your own success and dream retirement.

Our expertise

No matter what sector your company operates in, be it agricultural, manufacturing or other, you can count on a team of business transfer specialists.

With the support of the Duval Group, the transfer manager and the commercial banking manager will advise and support you in a business transfer situation, from the time you begin contemplating the possibility until the moment you finish transferring ownership. To help you reach your goals, we will even refer you to recognized specialists such as tax experts, accountants, lawyers, notaries, business valuators, etc.

Business meeting

For the long-term success of your business

While each situation is unique, there is a process that makes it possible for you to choose and implement the best possible solution. We will help you achieve your goals and ensure a smooth transition by following these steps:

  Determining your objectives

  Choosing your successor

  Evaluating your business

  Developing a succession plan

  Transferring ownership

Financing solutions

Our knowhow contributes to your projects’ success.

Because customers like you have been entrusting us with solutioning their financing needs for years, we’ve acquired our fair share of experience and expertise in this field.

Should you or your buyer seek business transfer financing tailored to your specific situation, we will sit down with you to evaluate which solution is the best fit. We will listen and ascertain your financing needs and how to structure your financing, and when needed, we will put you in contact with our fellow specialists at the National Bank.

Why have a succession plan?

Experts everywhere agree that carefully planning this important phase of a company’s life in advance is smart. The benefits abound:

  Maximizes the value of your company

  Gives your company added financial stability

  Affords you increased personal protection and lightens the tax burden

  Fosters harmony within family and staff

  Gives your successor a better running start when s/he takes over