Estate Planning

Leaving your wealth to your loved ones

When having to simultaneously grapple with your personal finances, and those of your business, your investments and retirement plans, your insurances, your estate, your taxes, and all their legal ramifications, things can get confusing and that can get in the way of making the right choices.

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Estate settlement services

Your executor and your heirs will be able to draw on our expertise in implementing the provisions in your will, whether they be straightforward or more complex. For example, settling your estate may require establishing the value of your professional practice or the goodwill of your business, appraising your collection of antique cars or vintage wines, post-mortem tax planning or even dissolving matrimonial regimes. We have a multidisciplinary team of experts who can look after everything, and spare your loved ones the colossal burden of the estate settlement process.

Keep in mind that, should you wish to, you can also choose to appoint us as your executor.

During highly emotional times like the passing of a loved one, having professionals who specialize in these matters clearly convey your wishes to your heirs, and objectively manage expectations in order to minimize or altogether avoid family conflicts, can help reduce stress and foster harmony.

The importance of being well advised

Taking the time to enjoy the moment and the presence of those we love is a fundamental part of life. However, it is equally important to be aware of potential and future events. Planning for them will help you gain peace of mind and ensure that your wishes are carried out as intended.

At team of experts at your disposal

The Duval Group and its team of estate planning specialists can also count on the support and advice of the National Bank’s vast network of legal experts and tax attorneys.

Estate planning is the process of deciding on and arranging for the disposal of your assets upon your death, to ensure that everything proceeds in an orderly fashion, free of any complications for your loved ones and in accordance with your wishes.


that take your needs and goals into account

of the National Bank

Solutions tailored… to specific issues

Integrated financial planning provides you with an in-depth analysis of your situation, so you enjoy the best options and solutions for managing your wealth.

We’re here to guide you

We’ll be alongside you every step of the estate planning process, helping you:

  Make an inventory of your property and estate taxes

  Establish your objectives

  Provide for your protection and wellbeing in the event of incapacity

  Evaluate your options

  Review your plan regularly

  Provide for the liquidation and transfer of your estate