Insurance Products and Annuities

Wherever life takes you, take some insurance with you.

Happy family

Protect what’s important to you

Risk protection is a key component of a wealth management plan. It makes no sense to work so hard and make sacrifices to build your wealth, and not take the necessary measures to protect it. Even if you have life insurance at work, you might not be enjoying the coverage you need, and you’ll generally lose it if you job situation changes.

A comprehensive view of your needs

Unpacking boxes when moving into your first place, seeing your baby take that first step, watching your company grow or your children start their own families. These are the milestones in life that are worth protecting.

Like us, our customers have the opportunity to be able to count on specialists from the National Bank Insurance Firm (NBIF) as their safety net. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to meet one of our specialists together, to make sure all your bases covered risk management-wise.

Business owners

From solutions that will help ensure you have sufficient capital later in life, while also fostering the continuity and stability of your business, to personal wealth creation strategies, we can help you prepare for the rewards and challenges of owning a business.

*Products sold through NBIF are not guaranteed by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund