Financial Planning

A 360-degree view of your personal and business wealth.

Your personal finances, and those of your business, your investments and retirement plans, your insurances, your estate, your taxes – and the attendant legal considerations stemming from all of the above – they all add up. We can help you wade through it all so you can make informed clear-headed decisions.

Welcome to the cornerstone of what we do, i.e. an objective and thorough review of your financial situation, abetted by an action plan and recommendations that will enable you to fully capitalize on our expertise, so you can meet your financial goals and add value to your wealth.

The Duval Group’s team of financial planning specialists will shepherd you through the entire process, with the full support of the National Bank’s multidisciplinary team of experts at their disposal when needed.

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The seven components of financial planning

Comprehensive financial planning touches every aspect of your personal and business wealth:

We perform a rigorous review, based on your situation and your goals:
your HOLDINGS, your NEEDS and your WISHES.

Financial planning is the driving force behind meeting your personal and business financial goals. We provide you with a written report with a complete 360-degree perspective on your situation, which also includes useful and sound advice, which our specialists can help you implement. They will work alongside you to make sure you make the most of your wealth.


that take your needs and goals into account


of the National Bank


Balance sheet, budget and cash management, management firm, updates when warranted.


Reduced tax burden, income splitting, incorporation, optimal shareholder remuneration – any factors we can control that make it possible to preserve the integrity of your assets.


Couple, family, business, shareholder agreement, asset protection trust, will, updating legal documents – whatever needs to be put in place to protect your wealth.


Optimizing your returns, asset allocation, investment strategies, specialty investment products – the best solutions that reflect your profile.


Life expectancy profile, income and liquidity required at retirement, individual pension plan, when to retire – the secret is in the planning!


Review of your current coverage and determination of your life, disability and health insurance needs – it’s about what you actually need and optimizing your coverage.


Testamentary trust, smooth transfer of your assets, protecting your heirs, tax-saving trust structures – solutions for an inevitable process.