Cathy Duval headshot

Cathy Duval B.B.A, CFA

Portfolio Manager and Senior Wealth Advisor

My fascination with the financial world dates back to my childhood. As a little girl, I used to calculate the value of the interest coupons on my father’s bonds. That’s when I began to track my securities and eventually seriously dive into the world of personal finance and financial markets. I realized the importance of being financially sound, and knew that what I wanted to do is share my knowledge and help people meet their financial goals.

I have been working in the financial sector since 1998, and at the National Bank Financial family since 2004. Before this, I was a stock and option trader on the Toronto, New-York and Chicago exchanges. Those years of expertise, my diploma in financial planning and my CFA* designation are all valuable assets that allow me to provide you with the best possible management for your portfolio.

As a portfolio manager, my priorities are – and will remain – maximizing the performance of your portfolio while protecting it from an accentuated downfall in the marketplace.

My compensation being based on your satisfaction and the return of your investment portfolio, it is in my best interest to keep you accurately updated on the evolution of your portfolio and to give you outstanding service. Our interests are intimately related.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. At National Bank Financial, we manage the world’s most important investments : yours!

Looking forward to meeting you!

* CFA designation – a 3-years post-bachelor degree – is the most sought-after portfolio management designation in the world. It’s rigor and intensity demand a strong commitment and deliver a powerful value. The CFA institute leads the investment industry by setting the highest standards of ethic, education and professional excellence and vigourously advocating fair and transparent capital markets. For more details, please visit http://www.cfainstitute. org.